Need a Fitting? Just Get Scanned (Crazy!)



Scan. Get scanned to obtain your Unique BodyPrint™.

Click. Shop online for Unique size and style-recommended, custom-fit and custom-made products.

Fit. Unique products are sized to fit you – your style, your body, your life – and delivered directly to your doorstep. Whether it’s a Unique Size and Style recommended product, or custom fit jeans, finding the perfect fit online is no longer a concern – It’s an expectation

The Perfect Fit Begins with the Perfect Scan.
The first step in your journey to a custom fit life begins with a scan in our Intellifit® body measurement system to obtain your Unique BodyPrint. The scanning process is fast, simple and safe. Within 15 minutes, you’ll have your personal measurements and will be ready to shop online with your size recommendations or for clothing custom tailored to fit you.

To get started, schedule a scan appointment by calling Client Services at 1-877-492-0469
or visit a Unique Boutique location near you.

How It Works

Intellifit® Plus

  • Step inside and swipe your Unique barcode
  • Disrobe to your undergarments
  • Stand in place while the Intellifit® Plus uses low-powered lasers to scan the profile of your body, in less than 30 seconds your measurements are collected
  • After your scan is complete, get dressed and print out your 3D BodyPrint image and measurement report

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