Finding a Moment for Me

April was a crazy month for me.
Costumed two dance shows, made 18 aprons, finished a photo shoot with Pak Han and started a new job.

The beginning of May led to cleaning up and organizing my house and work space.
After getting a few things in order I was able to start working on some personal projects I have been itching to start.

The first item on my list was a skirt out of this great ocean fabric I got the other month.
Below is a picture of it in process.
Hopefully I will have time to finish it up this week.

After the skirt I want to make a shirt out of this great abstract blue cotton I found.
I am planning to make the shirt with the rolled collar and short sleeves (top view).

Having some free time also means I have some time to cook!
Made a tasty pasta dish for lunch with asparagus from the local farmers market and mini heirloom tomatoes from Trader Joes (yum)

I am also working on updating my Etsy shop with some new items.
I have some vintage items ready to go (just need to finish the photos) and I am dreaming up some new Running Amuck items that will hopefully pop up soon as well!


1 thought on “Finding a Moment for Me

  1. Wow I love that skirt you’re working on. The fun print and the full skirt already look great together – can’t wait to see it finished 🙂

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