New Blue Blouse!

Finally made the blouse I mentioned in a previous post.
Most of the construction was pretty straight forward.
However, the instructions and pattern design was a bit odd for joining the back of the blouse to the front side seams and collar.
Hard to explain…basically I was asked to clip into a seam without stay stitching (something I will do next time!)
All in all I learned some good sewing lessons and ended up with a cute little blouse.

Do you ever find vintage pattern directions to be tricky to follow?
What brand (new or old) do you think gives the clearest directions?

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2 Responses to New Blue Blouse!

  1. dressesandme says:

    Omg I agree. Vintage patterns assume a lot of prior knowledge. I got one that said “put zip in” I was like how?! I also got one that said five steps except each step was actually four sub-steps! Love the shirt too! What a lovely print!

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