icTus Gallery Presents: “Transfiguration: Uncovering the Hidden”

Hi everyone 🙂
I have been helping Pak Han with this project for the last year and it is finally making its debut!
If you live in the SF area please come check it out.
Opening reception is tomorrow evening.
The model, Dohee Lee, will be doing a special performance at 7:30pm.
(I’m finishing up her costume for the event today!)

Exhibition runs:
July 7th, 2012 – August 17th, 2012

Opening Reception:
Saturday, July  7th, 2012 6PM -10PM
with special performance by Dohee Lee at 7:30pm

@ icTus gallery
1769 15th St. (between Valencia & Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA, 94103

icTus Gallery presents Transfiguration: Uncovering the Hidden, a metaphorical and introspective exploration of our contradictory relationship with nature through dreamscapes and visual concepts.

As layers of ritualistic modernity are stripped away – our complacency, comfort and power – what is really left behind?  Through sound, performance and a series of visually striking photographs, photographer Pak Han incites an awareness in the viewer of a profound contradiction buried beneath our forged environment. This multi-sensory experience highlights the contrasts between what we are and what we assure ourselves we can be. By depicting the interplay between the Body and the Natural and/or Man-made, Han knudges the viewer towards contemplating his own relationship to his environments.

In July of 2011, Pak Han began his photo project Transfiguration. With the support and collaboration of celebrated choreographer Anna Halprin, dancer/musician Dohee Lee and properties and garment designer, Keriann Egeland, Han brings the project to reality.  This series of black & white conceptual photographs will be exhibited for the first time in July 2012 at the Ictus Gallery in San Francisco.

After more than a decade of painting expressionistic abstract works in mixed media, artist Pak Han seriously began exploring photography in 2008 while traveling in Japan.  He was entranced by the vast potential for creative expression through this wondrous medium and immediately focused his energy documenting everyday people in candid situations at public locales, such as the urban streets of Tokyo.  The dynamic cultural life of Tokyo and its fascinating people became the primary interest for his personal work during his frequent trips to Japan in 2009.  One of the Tokyo photos subsequently earned Pak Han a silver award from the juried 2010 international photography competition sponsored by The Japan Times and Fujifilm.  A selection, including the award-winning photo was showcased at a group exhibition in Tokyo that same year.The distinctive style of Pak Han is characterized by artful and cinematic perspective.  When photo documenting theatre performance pieces, Pak Han takes on a role much like a cinematographer, meticulously framing and setting up shots to capture dramatic images with depth, and colour that complement the mood of a story or theme. For Pak Han’s other photography work, he prefers to work outside the studio setting, using natural light and without the use of a tripod. Many have described Pak Han’s photos as gritty, intimate and even sentimental.

His unique visual aesthetics and approach to photo documentation attracts some of the top talents in theatre and dance communities to Pak Han’s work.  Since 2009, Pak Han has actively collaborated with both the established and small performance companies that produce some the finest experimental, avant-garde, works in the country.

Pak Han’s photographs have been printed in numerous publications, including the cover of American Theatre Magazine and national newspapers such as The New York Times. From the portrait of a legendary movie concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, to the gravity defying imagery of the Korean American hip-hop artist/producer Kero One, to the street photo of a schoolgirl walking home with her father in Tokyo, Pak Han’s wide range of photography work has reached different parts of the world.

The event has also been featured in 7X7 Magazine!
Check it out!


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