Polka Dot Blouse – Vintage Simplicity 4676

Now that I am over my fear of button holes I am finally trying out some different patterns from my stash.
This one I picked up from Crafty Paneen on Etsy.

I decided to make the sleeveless version (view 3) with the extra darts from view 1 to get a more fitted look.

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
I have been trying to make more practical separates lately.

Next I am hoping to whip up a pair of high waisted pants!


7 thoughts on “Polka Dot Blouse – Vintage Simplicity 4676

  1. happyhandmadelife July 14, 2012 — 8:28 am

    This looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great fit- nicely done!

  3. Oh wow! You should be soooo pleased. This is soooo stylish. I love it! It looks amazing on you!!!

  4. Lovely! You look fabulosa!!! I love the fabric choice and the pattern…excuse me but you have a great figure as well…all that in one ! Great job! I should try something like this pattern for me…I think I have something there in my Japanese patterns.

  5. So glad you enjoyed the pattern. You look lovely in it, and I love the polka dot fabric. 🙂

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