Picking up a New Hobby

Sorry no posts in a while!
I was busy, busy costuming Seth Eisen’s new project, Homo File, at CounterPulse.
Last show is tomorrow (8pm).
The two weekends have been a huge success!
Thanks to anyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign.
The goal was met and exceeded! ($6,000! whoo)

After my work was done on that project Chris, Pinto and I escaped the city for a much needed vacation.
We headed out for our annual trip to Yosemite.

Before getting to Yosemite we also stopped through Sonora.
Went though some cute vintage stores.
I scored some great vintage buttons and a pair of earrings.
I will post photos soon!

We attempted to find a swimming hole called God’s Bath.
Didn’t quite happen….
(Please let me know if anyone has better directions to it)
Despite the disappointment we still enjoyed hanging out down by the river.

Before we headed out on our vacation I decided it was time to get serious about learning how to knit.
I have been toying with the idea for a while and finally dove in.
Picked up a book from the library

Grabbed some yarn and needles from work and embarked on my first scarf!

The pattern in the book was a long flat scarf with fringe.
Not so much my style right now…
I decided to made the scarf much wider and then attach the ends and make it a cowl neck.
Though I made a few mistakes (picked up a lot of extra stitches, unraveled, re-knit, etc.) I finally finished it this morning!

I am pretty pleased with the results and ready to tackle my next project…
Wash Cloths


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