Finally, Haloween 2012!

I have been busy finishing up getting the costumes ready for the University of San Francisco’s Fall Dance Concert (opening next week!).
In the midst of that and working Halloween at a craft/fabric store things have been a little crazy.
However, with Halloween being my favorite holiday, I made sure celebrate it to the fullest.

I started off by making Halloween cookies!

I picked up these cute cookie cutters at the hardware store and then dug up the cookie recipe my mom used to make with us as kids.
They were a big hit with everyone.
Def. will make more next year!

Now, finally, the family costumes!

Kirk, Spock (Spockette) and Scotty via original 60’s Star Trek
Note: old flip phone for communicator
(thanks mom)

(I know, Pinto looks really excited)

I nerded out and hand embroidered all of the patches.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!
Live long and prosper 🙂


3 thoughts on “Finally, Haloween 2012!

  1. You guys look great! And Pinto looks adorable, as always!

  2. When is Pinto NOT excited?

    Thanks for posting the cookie recipe!

  3. The costumes are awesome! You all look very authentic ;-). The cookies tasted delicious, thanks for sharing them. You did a great job of celebrating in the midst of your busy schedule!

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