Finally, Haloween 2012!

I have been busy finishing up getting the costumes ready for the University of San Francisco’s Fall Dance Concert (opening next week!).
In the midst of that and working Halloween at a craft/fabric store things have been a little crazy.
However, with Halloween being my favorite holiday, I made sure celebrate it to the fullest.

I started off by making Halloween cookies!

I picked up these cute cookie cutters at the hardware store and then dug up the cookie recipe my mom used to make with us as kids.
They were a big hit with everyone.
Def. will make more next year!

Now, finally, the family costumes!

Kirk, Spock (Spockette) and Scotty via original 60’s Star Trek
Note: old flip phone for communicator
(thanks mom)

(I know, Pinto looks really excited)

I nerded out and hand embroidered all of the patches.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!
Live long and prosper 🙂

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3 Responses to Finally, Haloween 2012!

  1. Kristen says:

    You guys look great! And Pinto looks adorable, as always!

  2. if time exists says:

    When is Pinto NOT excited?

    Thanks for posting the cookie recipe!

  3. Kimberly Egeland says:

    The costumes are awesome! You all look very authentic ;-). The cookies tasted delicious, thanks for sharing them. You did a great job of celebrating in the midst of your busy schedule!

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