1st Pair of Socks

Crazy to think that is was a little over a year ago that I picked up knitting needles for the 1st time.

Over the year I have made quite a few scarves, tons of washcloths, two sweaters, and a few little creatures.

Today, I am proud to showcase my 1st pair of hand knit socks!


These came to life thanks to the course Knit Sock Workshop offered through craftsy.com.

Donna Druchunas does a wonderful job walking through each step of the process.
Getting the toe started was the trickiest part, the rest was just a bit of shaping.


I made a few alterations to the original pattern.
Donna intended these to end a few inches below the knee, but I decided to extend mine over the knee cap.
I will need to add some elastic behind the ribbing so they stay up (no one likes a droopy knee sock!).
The original pattern also had a little diagonal lace pattern right before the ribbing.
I decided to omit it because I was not sure how it would look sitting right on my knee.


Here is a closeup of the lace pattern. It was pretty easy to memorize (esp. after doing it a bazillion times).
I knit these up using 3 skeins of Knit Picks Stroll Fingering Weight Sock Yarn.



Knitting has humbled me in many ways. You can work for hours and watch only a few inches of your garment come to life. Working from the ground up I am learning so many new insights about shaping and the importance of consistency. It has caused me to slow down with my sewing and really take the time to create quality garments.

I look forward to continuing my exploration into the rich history of knitting and its relationship to sewing.


4 thoughts on “1st Pair of Socks

  1. Oh they’re gorgeous! I found your blog via Kollabora – I’ve been knitting a similar time – loving it too. And I adore your blue sundress – such lovely fabric! Cheers! 🙂

  2. i would love to learn how to knit.
    i tried a few times but gave up everytime. I will succeed one day ^^

    1. just stick with it! my first project felt weird. the more I kept at it, the more natural it felt. just be patient and forgiving and you will be amazed what you can acomplish!

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