Vintage Western Inspired Halloween

This year I decided to construct a costume inspired by the lovely and talented Pasty Cline.

patsy pc010

I love her bold use of fringe and rhinestone encrusted appliqués.

photo 3

I picked up some silver glitter fringe, piping, and 5 packages of rhinestones and went to work.


The skirt is made with a faux suede, which is also featured on the shirt yoke and cuffs. The shirt front and cuffs are fastened with 14 sets of pearl snaps.


The cactus and crescent moon appliques are made with a wool/rayon felt and encased in 654 individual rhinestones.

photo 4

The costume was constructed using two vintage patterns.
The skirt was made with Advance 6646 and the shirt was made with Butterick 4176.


Of course I needed a western themed companion!


Sheriff Pinto made sure to supervise the entire construction process.

Sorry this post is a few weeks late. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!


6 thoughts on “Vintage Western Inspired Halloween

  1. Wow!!! You continue to amaze me with your sewing talents. Fabulous job and Pinto’s sheriff costume is great too – love the fringe!

  2. I bet Beatrix Kiddo would love playing with your Western companion!

  3. Very cute costume! Are you sure it wasn’t Wanda Jackson you saw live? She is also a big fan of fringe. Patsy was killed in a plane crash in the early 1960s.

    1. Ah!! Yes! Sorry for the mistake!!

      1. No harm! I found your work on kollabora and had to come seek out your blog. I love your sewing and style. (And Pinto!)

  4. thanks so much! hopefully one day soon i’ll have time to post more stuff I’ve been making…

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