Costume Design


Performing Valeska (Janet Collard)

Coming June 2018

EAMES (Kristin Damrow & Company)


A Room (Of Our Own) (PunkkiCo)

Platform (FACT/SF)

Lightening Strikes Anonymous (13th Floor Dance Theater)


Next Time, I’ll Take the Stairs (13th Floor Dance Theater)
Photos by Pak Han
Next time, I'll take the stairsNext time, I'll take the stairsNext time, I'll take the stairsNext time, I'll take the stairs

Rainbow Logic (Eye Zen Presents)

The Least of Them (DHPCo)

Strangers Become Flowers (Paufve Dance)12742327_1079908805406488_4426603686225217686_n


The Broken Knife (13th Floor Dance Theater)
JennyMacODC- 0353 Julie Colin standingJennyMacODC- 0884 Blane Nicole dreamJennyMacODC- 0891 Zach Jenny scene 7JennyMacODC- 1394 zach jenny couch liftJennyMacODC- 1837 Blane closeup

The Emperor Jones (New City Company)Carl-Lumbly-is-The-Emperor-Jones-0715-webdsc_00451dsc_00281dsc_01851dsc_02271

Misgivings (Paufve Dance)6da748_5a131b4f8b9745199845ab06b06aa2b36da748_7620ff655f304048b9cdbf1a597160cc

Untitled I (PunkkiCo)
4cbecf00b76622e2ffff9563ffffe415Untitled IUntitled IUntitled IUntitled I

Touch (DHPCo)
David Herrera Performance Company investigates families torn by deportation and the work of organizations such as United We Dream, which arranges for the children of deported men and women to reunite with their parents at the U.S./Mexico border.11256576_951621711547097_3331701374807470882_n


Homo File (Eye Zen Presents)
Seth Eisen premiers the full length version of his devised piece at CounterPulse during the Queer Arts Festival.
(AXIS Dance)
Marc Brew premiered this new piece during the 2014 home season.
Lighting Design by Allen Wilner
photos by Ren Dodges

Excerpt fromSoil (Paufve Dance)
Final solo from Randee Paufve’s latest evening length piece was showcased at The Lincoln Center during the 2014 APAP Conference.
apap lincoln center 'soil'


Year of the Snake (Peiling Kao)
Photos by Carly Hoopes
year of the snakeyear of the snake 2

Soil (Paufve Dance)
Please click to view the full gallery of photos by Pak Han.

To Begin With the Ending Already in Sight (Nina Haft)
Performance Photos by Pak Han
To Begin with Ending Already in Sight

The Stranger: part 1(DHPCo)
Photos by Marisa Aragona
DHPCo 'the stanger' pt 1 (5)DHPCo 'the stanger' pt 1DHPCo 'the stanger' pt 1 (4)


USF Fall Dance Show(University of San Francisco)
Featuring Choreography by:
Megan Nicely, Scott Wells, Chris Black, & Nol Simonseusf F12 danceusf F12 dance (2)

Homo File(Seth Eisen)
Seth Eisen writes and directs an ensemble of multidisciplinary performers/artists/collaborators in his new Queer history performance project titled Homo File, chronicling the life of Sam Steward, (1909-1993).
Please Click to view photo gallery

Transfiguration (Pak Han Photography)pak hanCostume Front602647_3800715891039_729528401_n

USF Spring Dance Show(University of San Francisco)
Featuring faculty choreographers:
Natalie Greene, Sharonjean Leeds, Eli Nelson

Slumber (DHPCo)

This.Placed(Nina Haft & Company; Facing East Dance & Music)
Production Photos by Pak Han

So I Married Abraham Lincoln (Paufve Dance)so i married abraham lincoln - paufve dance (4)so i married abraham lincoln - paufve dance


Edge of Inquiry (USF Dance Ensemble)
Choreographers: Malinda LaVelle, Catherine Galasso, Maxine Moerman, and Christian Burns6503224215_a83bec09b3_b6503951449_3755f24b19_b6509684315_a5b4965757_b

We Don’t Belong Here (Little Seismic Dance Company)
Choreographed by Katie Faulkner
Click below for photos by Pak Han
Site: Yerba Buena Lane
Site: Union Square

Erie Lackawanna
Choreographed by Kate Weare
Performed by Randee PaufveIMG_9306_1_

SAWTOOTH (Little Seismic Dance Company)
Choreography: Katie Faulkner
Photography: Pak HanSawtoothSAWTOOTH 2 (Pak Han) SAWTOOTH 1 (Pak Han)   SAWTOOTH 4 (Pak Han)

The Maids (University of San Francisco)
Director: Roberto Gutierrez Vareathe maids 4the maids 8 the maids 14the maids 31the maids 35the maids 25the maids 27 The Companion Piece(Z Space)
Conceived by Beth Wilmurt
Director: Mark Jackson
Actors: Chris Kuckenbaker, Jake Rodriguez and Beth Wilmurt
Costume Designer: Nina Ball
Costume Assistant: Keriann EgelandThe Companion Piece


Kinetic Reality (USF Dance Ensemble)
Choreography by Laura Arrington, Christy Funsch, Amie Dowling + Katie Faulkner, Jo Kreiter, and Detour DanceJo Kreiter 2 

Andrew Lippa’s Wild Party (USF College Players)
Director: Joey Price
Choreography: Erica Shuch
note: photo’s are taken without the female lead’s wig and one man not in costumeraise the roof148725_1636072097019_1093219883_31802431_3065783_n150355_1636070496979_1093219883_31802424_533640_n73247_1636077097144_1093219883_31802451_28452_n148842_1636072577031_1093219883_31802434_8035308_n

Re:Framed (The Story of Judith and Holofernes) (USF PASJ Seniors)
Director: Jessica Baldwin
Movement Director: Courtney Cavagnero

Strands (USF Dance Ensemble)
Choreography: Sharonjean LeedsStrands 2Strands

Trashy, Classy & Absurd: The Guide to Being a Woman in the 21st Century
Choreography: Keriann EgelandTCA 4TCATCA 3TCA 2


Man Alive
Directed by Amie Dowling, Natalie Green and Paul Floresman.alive.

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