Dance Experience/Training

University of San Francisco Dance Ensemble//2007-2010


Beneath and Between -Choreographed by Amie Dowling and Eli Nelson

*photos by Richard Something

Seven Ways to Hide Yourself from the Rest of the World -Choreographed by Kelly Kemp

*photos by Richard Something

Restless -Choreographed by Erin Hewitt

Past/Forward -Choreographed by Sharonjean Leeds

Slip -Choreographed by Randee Paufve

[title] – Choreographed by Katie Faulkner

[title] -Choreographed by Eli Nelson

[title] -Choreographed by Cecelia Bowman

[title] -Choreographed by Jo Kreiter

7 Ways to Say I Love You -Choreographed by Amie Dowling

*Participated in workshops held by: Liz Lerman, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Erika Shuch and AXIS Dance Company

Bates Dance Festival//2009

Trained under: Nancy Stark Smith, Michael Foley and Victoria Marks

Performed in works by: Marc Dendy and Michelle Micca


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